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Technowledge provides expert solutions ranging from network security, deployments & management, system backups and recovery, to award winning phone solutions, and building surveillance. We offer the Technology Solutions that work!


Looking for the best in Cloud Solutions? Look no further! From Email Hosting, Spam Filtering to Off-Site Back Ups, Virtual Private Servers, and Remote Monitoring, we got your personalized CLOUD Right here!


Is your company using the best security network solution? From Firewalls to VPN clients We have your network covered! No need for tedious or ridiculous complex solutions that take away from productivity, that irritates your staff.


Staying connected with your business is more important than ever. Being mobile while having a presence at the office shows availability and commitment to your staff and customers. Find out how our Connected Services keeps you connected no matter where you are located.

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Through our Technowledge Experience it is our mission to provide just that, an experience. In a world full of information and solution offerings it can easily overwhelm anyone. Our focus is to keep the world of IT reliable, simple and most importantly fun. Truly positively, outrageous service means that we take the time and attention necessary to evaluate all facets of a business to ensure consistent expectations. In a world that demands instant gratification it is easy to fall into the trap of reacting and rushing, resulting in loss of time due to poor planning, loss of money when having to address the same issue more than once leading to a less than desirable outcome. By taking the time to slow down and pay attention to detail get back time through proper planning, save money by creating a customized strategy ensuring things are done right the first time.


    On Premise Installation and Support

  • Cloud Solutions

    Off Site Backup, Office 365, Azure, Open DNS and More

  • Network Solutions

    Information Technology and Communication Services

  • Innovation

    Moving Forward, Research & Development, New Solutions

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“Research and development is the best part about what I do. I get the opportunity to play with new tech and improve the lives of business owners by creating customized solutions and deliver positively outrageous service.”
Business Development Director
“Creating an experience for our clients is top priority. Learning and using technology should be simple, easy and most importantly fun. I love the fact that I am able to assist businesses in finding solutions that increase productivity and performance in the workplace and maximize profitability simultaneously.”
Financial Operations Director
“Working for Technowledge, Inc. has been extremely gratifying. The people that I work with on a daily basis, whether co-workers or clients, are amazing and welcoming. The technology that we use and promote, makes my “back office” job easy and mobile. Can’t get better than that!”
Director of Administration
“Helping companies find tailored solutions that fit their business is very rewarding! There is not a day that is ever the same when dealing with technology, and the best part is we get to have fun testing it in house before we release it to our clients. “
Lead Technician
“I enjoy the challenge of overcoming new problems that arise with clients systems. I enjoy working at Technowledge because when I do a good job, the customer is happy, and I can see that they appreciate it and that it has lifted worry off of their shoulders. I have clients that ask for me by name because they know I will get the job done; because I will do what is best for them.”
Director of Marketing and Design
“Technowledge reminds me why I love working for a small business and what is important about growing at the same time. Loving what you do everyday and being part of a greater community that believes in fostering that proactive way of thinking, inspires me as an employee and an individual. It is not simply about what we do, it is about who we are doing it for that always comes first! That is what the Technowledge Experience means to me.”
Client Success Consultant

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Transforming IT through comprehensive strategies and applying industry best practices.

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Optimizing business technology through integration. Find your road-map to success.

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Stop fighting fires and add strategic value by taking a proactive approach.

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Our goal is to make technology fun and easily accessible for all users.

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