NOTICE: On Client Testimonials and Security Measures

At Technowledge, the security and well-being of our clients are our top priorities. We understand that in today's digital landscape, information is a valuable asset that can be exploited if not properly safeguarded.

Why You Won't See Full Client Details:

We take extensive measures to secure our clients and their environments, going above and beyond to ensure their safety against cyber threats. As part of this commitment, we have made a conscious decision not to publish full details about our clients in our testimonials.

Our Reasoning:

  • Security: Revealing too much information can make our clients and us targets for phishing attacks and other forms of cybercrime.
  • Client Confidentiality: We value the trust our clients place in us and aim to uphold it by minimizing any risks associated with oversharing information.
  • Preventing Cyber Crimes: We refuse to be a conduit that could potentially expose our clients to cyber threats. By limiting the information we share, we aim to mitigate risks and maintain a secure environment for all involved.

We appreciate your understanding and support in our ongoing efforts to maintain the highest levels of security and client confidentiality.

I have been a client of  Technowledge (Formally PeAk Communication Systems) for more than a decade. We were initially onboarded for phone systems/internet systems including wiring hardware and software applications. Within the last year, we have onboarded all our Information Technology services, including cyber security.

From the onset, for all services, I cannot say enough about the Technowledge team and their performance. In the I.T./ communications world things break and there are service interruptions. One quick phone call or email is all it takes to get the ball rolling for a solution. Their response for hands-on remediation and communicating the status is always clear and rapid.

One added service that is often not on vendors’ minds is that they are always looking to provide even better service with better pricing, with options as to how we could proceed. There are few service providers in any type of service industry, where the service has gotten better, and the price reduced.

I can without any hesitation whatsoever recommend Technowledge for all information technology, cybersecurity and communication needs.

P.Byer Clinic Administrator

Technowledge is not just another IT service provider; they are a total solutions provider. From managed IT services to VoIP solutions and network security, they offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet all your IT needs. Their commitment to cybersecurity is particularly noteworthy. They excel in providing robust cybersecurity solutions aimed at safeguarding sensitive data and networks. For any business seeking a holistic approach to IT and cybersecurity, Technowledge is the go-to choice.

B. Bedfords CFO

We have used Technowledge for our IT and telephone support for nearly a decade plus now. They’re skillful, accessible, and always get the job done promptly and done right the first time!

Dr. Steve W. President / Owner

In the infancy of our partnership, every interaction with Technowledge has been nothing short of professional bliss. Rick's knack for foreseeing potential scenarios and his steadfast commitment to initiating projects the right way—despite the daunting nature of best practices—stands out as a breath of fresh air in an era where empty promises often take precedence over genuine value. A heartfelt thank you to Rick, Sadie, and the entire team for their unparalleled dedication.

M. Bjorklund Founder / Owner

As a small business owner with a local domain setup, I've got my hands full. I can manage the basics, but when things get tricky, Technowledge is my go-to. Compared to other IT support providers I've tried, they're in a league of their own. Their proactive monthly support keeps my systems humming along, and their incident support is top-notch. Case in point: when my server gave up the ghost, they were quick to diagnose the issue and get me back on track. Rick even personally escorted me to a Denver computer store to assemble a cost-effective replacement server. Talk about going the extra mile!

Technowledge stays ahead of the tech curve, ensuring my systems are always up-to-date. They even set up a hardware VPN between my home and business, enhancing security and connectivity. What I appreciate most is their transparency; they take the time to explain their actions, making the investment in their services a no-brainer. The result? Smooth-running computers, happier receptionists, and a more pleasant work environment. All thanks to Technowledge

M. Karl Owner

I've had the pleasure of working with the Technowledge team for a decade now. They've been the architects behind the seamless IT infrastructure that powers my practice—from software installations to intricate hardware setups. What sets them apart is their willingness to go the extra mile; they've even made house calls to my home office to troubleshoot issues. The team at Technowledge is a brilliant bunch—quick thinkers who get the job done right. Admittedly, I have to pay close attention to keep up with their technical explanations, but that's a small price to pay for the peace of mind they provide. I wholeheartedly endorse Technowledge for any and all IT needs.

Dr. Humphries President / Owner

A decade ago, Technowledge orchestrated a complete overhaul of our network, both hardware and software. Their skill and attentiveness to our specific needs were nothing short of extraordinary. Fast forward a few years, and we found ourselves stretched thin with in-house tech support. The climate called for external expertise, and after vetting several firms, we circled back to Technowledge. Hiring them for tech support was a decision we've never regretted. They're the real deal, offering genuine solutions tailored to our needs. You can bank on Technowledge for straight answers and effective solutions!

T. Cirillo GIS Specialist/Planner

Technowledge isn't just a service provider; they're our entire IT department! We've evolved from having in-house staff and tech-savvy colleagues handle our IT needs to recognizing the necessity for specialized professional support. That's where Technowledge comes in. Their expertise and quick response times have become invaluable assets to us. Over the years, we've entrusted them with the full spectrum of our IT operations—from network management and data backups to advising on equipment upgrades and fortifying security. Their contributions have significantly elevated the availability and reliability of our systems.

Bob KT Owner

Technowledge is the go-to IT partner for businesses of all shapes and sizes, from solo entrepreneurs to expansive hospital networks. What sets them apart is their uncanny ability to not just listen but truly understand client needs, translating that understanding into tailored, budget-friendly solutions that pave the way for future growth.

The team at Technowledge is a trifecta of expertise, courtesy, and approachability. They treat every client's project as if it were their own, ensuring a level of dedication that's hard to come by.

For those with limited tech know-how, Technowledge is a godsend. They break down complex options into digestible advice, delivering solutions that you can 'set and forget,' freeing you from the worry of ongoing issues. And for those with established IT departments, they're the perfect partner for integrated, streamlined solutions, offering seamless collaboration from design to ongoing maintenance.

In a digital world that never stops evolving, Technowledge offers the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're in capable hands. Their ability to boost productivity across the board makes them an invaluable asset to any company, earning them our highest endorsement

B. Meyer President / CEO

After cycling through five different local IT firms, Technowledge was the only one with the expertise to resurrect our servers, which had been crippled by a misconfiguration from the initial IT company. This mishap had us down for two agonizing weeks during the crucial phase of launching our new business. Since that pivotal moment, Technowledge has been nothing short of exceptional. For over a decade, they've been our steadfast partners in IT, VoIP, and Cybersecurity.

The team at Technowledge is not just intelligent; they're also incredibly customer-centric. Their unparalleled service has made them an indispensable part of our operation, and we couldn't be more grateful for their consistent excellence.

A. Wiescamp Owner

My experience with Technowledge has been absolutely wonderful. Working with the team always put my mind at ease. Their professionalism and wealth of knowledge with all things IT related helped me to make the best possible decision for the organization. They are mindful of your cost restraints and strive to work well within your budget. I highly recommend them for your IT and cybersecurity needs.

C. Krumholz Controller

Twelve years ago, we made the switch to Technowledge, and it's been one of the best business decisions we've ever made. They're a one-stop-shop for all things tech, capable of tackling any IT challenge that comes our way. From managing our managerial workstations and maintaining our onsite servers to ensuring robust cloud backups for our entire organization, they've got it all covered.

What sets them apart is the hands-on involvement of the owner, Rick, who's always just a call away for any day-to-day hiccups. His availability and responsiveness add an extra layer of assurance that we're in good hands.

If you're contemplating an IT overhaul, look no further. I wholeheartedly recommend Technowledge for any and all IT needs.

Aaron VW. Owner

Technowledge isn't just another IT company; they are true experts in the field. Their team employs rigorously tested processes to diagnose and solve even the most complex problems. What sets them apart is their forward-thinking approach to solution design, which incorporates lateral options to ensure adaptability and resilience, especially when technology behaves unpredictably.

If you encounter an issue, rest assured that Technowledge has not only the expertise but also a proven methodology to find a solution tailored to your needs. Their commitment to flexibility means that their solutions are built to adapt, providing a safety net for those inevitable moments when technology throws a curveball. For anyone seeking a reliable, adaptable, and highly skilled IT partner, Technowledge is unequivocally the go-to company.

Dawn S. Local Entrepreneur

For more than three decades, our partnership with Technowledge has been nothing short of exceptional. Steve, Rick and their team have consistently provided us with ongoing support that is both proactive and responsive, ensuring that our IT infrastructure remains robust and secure. Over the years, we've undergone at least three major systems upgrades, each executed seamlessly and with minimal disruption to our operations.

When the need arose to transition to remote work on short notice, Technowledge demonstrated their unparalleled agility and expertise. They had us fully operational with new internet phones in record time. Their superior support extends far beyond mere problem-solving; it's a comprehensive service that enhances our business continuity and long-term success. The enjoyment and peace of mind that come from their reliable service are ongoing, making Technowledge an invaluable partner for us.

K.Shaffer President / CEO

I can say that we have experienced firsthand that Technowledge understands the fast-paced world of IT and cybersecurity! Their quick response time ensures minimal business downtime, making them a reliable partner in times of need. But what impresses me the most is their customer-centric approach. They go the extra mile to understand your unique needs and tailor their services accordingly. If you're looking for an IT service provider that truly values customer service, look no further than Technowledge.

D. Williams General Manager